I rate SSR AAA. It is a model of professionalism. 
— Ken Hume
I won’t hesitate to recommend SSR to anyone who needs roofing service. Its representative was courteous and pleasant to deal with. And the roofing crew were kind, honest and skilful. Many thanks to them and the excellent work they have done. 
— Joan McDonald
We hired SSR to replace our roof. During the roofing process, we ask them whether they can apply some caulk at some leaking points of the eaves trough. Since this was not part of the deal, we expected an extra charge. To our shocked delight, SSR did not raise a penny. For the customer’s satisfaction, SSR is willing to make financial sacrifice. We are greatly moved by that spirit. 
— Jessica Smith
I have my old roof replaced by SSR. They did a good – nay great – job. It was done within budget and on schedule. 
— Sylvia Wills
My newly-bought house had an worn-out roof that needed to be replaced. Several home roofing companies participate in the bidding. SSR won the competition mainly because its quote was the lowest. Since companies who offer low price tend to be mediocre, my expectations were less than high initially. But I turned out to be utterly wrong – SSR’s workmanship is top-rate, to my much surprise. They show that high quality and low price are not mutually exclusive. Hiring SSR, you get the best of both worlds.
— Jon Swift