We will remove old shingles, replace the plywood planks if necessary, and then install new fiberglass shingles. Three-foot wide felt paper or ice water shield will be place along the roof edge. All vents and plumbing stack covers will be replaced. We mainly use IKO products, with its variety of color and different warranties.
Whether it is roof leak, missing shingles, damaged siding, lost soffit, gutter leak, downspout clog, etc., we repair them all.


Vinyl and aluminum sidings give your
house a pleasant look and protect walls.Brand: Kaycan.


  The installation of eavestrough, fascia, soffit and   downspout is an essential part of our service.


Fibreglass blown-in attic insulation keeps your home warm in winter and cool during summer. Brand: Jet Stream.
Flat Roof
We adopt 3-ply standard installation. First layer is protective board, to be followed by 2.2 base and 180 cap. The membranes are installed by torch-on using propane gas.