Take three simple steps. And you will turn your dream into reality.
1: Estimate
Upon the receipt of your request for an estimate we will contact you immediately. A roofing professional will be sent over to your home, who will learn of your needs, make measurements and provide expert opinions. A copy of the results of our estimate will then be emailed to the customer. Our pricing is among the lowest in GTA.
2: Contract 
Once an agreement is reached on the price. Our roofer will come over to your house again, bringing with him a document that needs your signature. It lists all the details of the service we will provide, including labour warranty. Also he will carry with him the roofing samples from which you can make your choice. A deposit is required before the seal of deal.
3: Operation
Once the materials are in place, the project gets underway right away. During the roofing process we will protect your property, and will remove and dispose of all garbage after the job is done. The full payment is made upon the completion of project. Thereafter our warranty goes into effect.